Have you been feeling sad and unmotivated lately to do your day-to-day tasks? in this post we will bring 3 must-have tips to improve your mental health.

I knew this could be a strong indication that you are close to emotional exhaustion.

It is foolish to think that only physical exhaustion is capable of harming us in our interpersonal relationships, emotional exhaustion can make us move away from the people we love most and even bring harm to our professional side.

To help you deal with this situation, we have separated these 3 tips, check out:

Seek medical follow-up: Many people try to postpone medical treatment as much as possible, either out of fear or insecurity.

* Practice physical activity: Exercise can be a great ally in combating diseases such as anxiety and depression.

* Eat right: Avoid consuming too much fatty products that are harmful to your health. In addition to avoiding obesity, it provides well-being.

* Practice massage modalities often: Everyone already knows the enormous amount that relaxing massages can provide us, among them are the decrease of stress and anxiety.

You do not have time to do a massage?

Relax! There are currently practices that last only 10 to 20 minutes.

3 tips to improve your mental health

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