Today we live in an immediate society that is easily frustrated if it fails to reach its goals within the defined time frame.

But is this normal?

The answer certainly is no. The suicide rate among 16-22 year olds has increased significantly in the past 5 years and the most worrying in that fact is that a large proportion of these deaths are banal reasons that could be solved.

But after all, why does this happen? 

Can we change this sad reality together?

Whether it is the rapid advancement of technology or the ease that young people possess in having everything they need on the internet or in any communication vehicle quickly, frustration often comes.

Did you identify yourself with any of the above features? If the answer is yes, you should seek a specialist as soon as possible, anxiety in extreme cases can even cause death.

Tip: Do not cover yourself so much, know that life is difficult for everyone and each has his own time to reach his goals, you do not have to achieve the best job and the best training at the same time, have patience that good things will happen in your life.

Keep strong

Why is our society infected by anxiety?

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